Friday, June 4, 2010

六四运动 / 六四屠城

This is always a great day. The June Fourth Incident, also known as the Tian'anmen Square Protests of 1989, was big and gross and horrible, and the events need to be remembered and acknowledged, but every year on this day I spend the whole day cautiously tip-toeing around as the blogs I read slowly fill with anti-Chinese sentiment. It's lots of fun. Where by lots of fun, I mean :o(

Check back later in the day. I'm sure I'll update this post with links and things.

Tiananmen mothers fear history will die with them
The man was in his 80s and dying. The woman was 73 and held his hand. They each lost a son in the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown and fought for decades to get China to acknowledge the deaths.

But Duan Hongbing wouldn't live to see that day.
There's a rumour going around that a cartoon got published in a major paper for Children's Day, of a little boy drawing a line of tanks on a blackboard, with a man standing in front. It was passed around online, but removed a day later. I haven't seen it around, and would be interested to see it/see confirmation of this.

21 years: Modern China is too busy to remember

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  1. mm, i've always felt a smidgin awkward celebrating my birthday on the same day as this (well, since i realised it was the same day, somewhere around 1994).