Wednesday, July 21, 2010

linkies of local stuff

"local" hee

Here are some links about things going on in Australia:

Aged care forcing gays 'back into the closet': Australia's homosexual population is being sorely neglected when it comes to aged care, according to new research.

Trans death in custody: inquiry demanded

A different indigenous death in custody: Aboriginal Legal Service 'flabbergasted' by death in custody decision

Deep in the heart of Adelaide with Tony Zappia, on street corner politics.

Is Mining Truly Good For Indigenous People?

Sleepless in Canberra, written pre-spill, on Rudd being a workaholic.


  1. interesting that the headline is about "gays" and yet the one person interviewed appears to be a trans woman in a same-sex/lesbian relationship...

    still, thanks for the link!

  2. @nixwilliams - I had the same issue! Although, as Danni pointed out, 'gay' *can* just mean homosexual of any gender, however I would contest that it is far more common for it to have boy connotations.