Monday, May 24, 2010

Hear Me Roar: A forum to consider the parallels and intersections between equal rights and animal rights in society and law (a talk)

I went to a talk last week, which was discussing some of the links between animal rights and other social justice issues, most notably feminism and refugee rights. It was an interesting, and not overly faily talk, and I've reviewed it over at the other blog.

I've left it over at the other blog because it is largely about animal rights issues, but it does, as the title suggests, talk about some other intersectional issues. Going in, I was a bit cautious, because the ease with which vegans have appropriated other issues, and the frequency with which they misuse some of this intersectional stuff, gets me very frustrated all the time (see the comments of this repost of a great Ida@theveganideal post for yet another example of vegans Getting Intersectionality Wrong). But coming out, as I note, I only used my red pen three times in an hour and a half, which I was really pleased with!

And it was an interesting pair of talks, though as I note in my review, it definitely came from a middle-class western feminist view point.

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